Catching our breath, and ISSC

It seems like only yesterday that the top freeski & snowboard athletes were in town for the Dew Tour in mid-December, then the Holidays and the crowds arrived. Just as soon as Breck occupancy went from 50% to capacity the week after Christmas, the New Year had come and gone, and we were next welcoming large groups in early January. A bit of fresh snow in early January was a welcome sign, but it proved to be short lived, with even the almighty Ullr festival and all of its energetic locals unable to eek out many snowflakes. Perhaps it had something to do with the fairly-common January deep freeze; temps dipped down to 20-below-0 on a few nights. Soon after Ullr festival, our hard-working staff had a bit of a breather before we pushed the throttle and ramped right back up for a very busy Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend.

Every year at this time, we pause briefly to look back on a very busy time in town. After MLK weekend, we launch right into one of Breckenridge’s signature winter events, the International Snow Sculpture Championships (ISSC). Many of us in the hospitality world are just grateful to have once again made it through the Holidays and our first hard cold snaps of the season. But this is a great time for both locals & visitors to take a leisurely walk through our town and admire the hard work and dedication the snow sculptors exhibit as they begin to carve the enormous blocks of snow into artistic masterpieces that often defy the laws of physics. And new last year, the town and resort chamber are now using state-of-the-art, color LED lighting systems to show off these unique creations after the sun sets each night. Try checking out the sculptures both in the day and night, as you might notice something different with changes in the light and shadows.

Don’t miss out, the ISSC works of art are staged and ready to be transformed, and the snow sculpting teams from around the world are en route to Breck. They have until next weekend to finish their snow sculptures before final judging takes place on Saturday, January 26th.

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