expanded Breckenridge Rodeo this summer?

Did any of you attend one of the 5 Breck Pro Rodeo event weekends last summer?

The owner of the Breckenridge Rodeo would like to increase the number of event weekends from 5 to 11 weekends, and also perhaps include some Friday night and Saturday morning performances as well. While I unfortunately did not attend any of last summer’s events, I can attest that most everyone i spoke with that went last year had a great time, and they hoped it would be back bigger and better in 2013. The initial approval process was not terribly smooth last year, with many residents in the immediate vicinity (Airport Rd, The Highlands, Silver Shekel) opposing the event because of noise, odor and light pollution. But after the summer rodeo events concluded in 2012, the Town reported very few issues. The Breckenridge Town Council will be discussing the potential expansion of the 2013 Breck Pro Rodeo at today’s council work session.

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