Tips for booking your Breck winter vacation rental

Okay, Labor Day has come and gone, the aspens are changing, and this morning we are looking at a nice dusting of snow up on the highest peaks above town. We are now focused on winter bookings and helping our customers find the best Breckenridge vacation rental for the upcoming ski & ride season. With over 16 years experience helping guests find the best rental property, we have several tips below we’d like to share:

  1. Are your dates flexible? Typically, families must travel over the holidays or when the kids are out of school. Those times of year can be the most expensive. If you can avoid peak ski travel weeks, your trip will be less expensive, there will be more deals available, and the mountain will be less crowded. For additional savings, consider planning a trip for early or late ski season. Bargains will be plentiful at both ends of ski season.
  2. No time like the present! Yeah, we know this sounds self-serving. Sure there are good deals out there on last-minute distressed inventory, but often the price won’t be the only thing “distressed.” Since there is such a wide variety of properties in Breck, we highly recommend booking early to ensure you get the possible selection. Our nicest properties are often booked more than 5 months prior to arrival.
  3. Purchasing airfare. Start your search by checking a few of the major online travel providers, like Travelocity, aggregator sites like TripAdvisor Flights or Google Flights, or consolidators like CheapTickets. Airfarewatchdog is another good source of low fares. Checking these sites will give you an idea of which airlines fly your particular itinerary, what the going rate is and what restrictions might apply. Then you can head directly to the airline website to see if the same flights are any cheaper (some airlines guarantee to offer the lowest possible fares on their own websites).
  4. Book directly with a professional property management company. It may take a bit more research, but booking property-direct will provide you with the best service, as on-site staff are the most knowledgeable. They can answer all of your questions about the rental properties, the area, activities and much more. Property staff can more often honor guest requests as well. While it may seem easier to book a vacation condo through a large online travel agency (OTA) or wholesaler, the staff typically don’t live in the area, and really aren’t that familiar with the vacation rentals in your destination.  We also urge caution if you are booking your rental through VRBO. Often times, the owner is not in the immediate area, and any problems that may arise are often not dealt with in a timely & professional manner.
  5. Reserve your ski/snowboard rentals & lessons early. Handling these items in advance may not always provide great savings, but by doing so you will not have to stress about this in the weeks leading up to your trip. Then you can focus on the fun things, like which peaks to ski this year, the best apres-ski bars, and off-the-hill activities like snowmobiling and dog-sledding.
  6. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! People today are trying to do more and more online. The internet allows us to shop & bank online, keep up with our social networks, and even book a winter vacation rental. However, many guests can get overwhelmed with the choices, or they may spend hours researching something which staff can answer in a few seconds. Pick up the phone, start a live chat session, or send us an email. We are here for you!

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