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Breckenridge Summer Events

4th of July in Breckenridge

Summer is back in Breckenridge and things are just starting to heat up! An exciting line up of events are what highlight this summer. With locals favorites like Breckenridge’s Town Party and the ever-so popular Oktoberfest, along with world renowned festivals such as the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA), there is sure to be something everyone will enjoy. Continue reading

Why Great Western Lodging is Breckenridge’s Premier Property and Vacation Rental Company

Great Western Lodging Office Breckenridge

Here’s why Great Western Lodging is truly the premier vacation rental and property management company in Breck!

Whether staging a reunion, providing restaurant recommendations, readying guests for mountain bike season or fixing boilers and deep cleaning for property owners, Great Western Lodging does it all.

How many rental companies do you come across that take your dog to the dog park? Or know exactly which hiking trail to take to find blooming Columbines or which bike rides will be muddy or dry? There are plenty of big name property rental companies in Breckenridge, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one with the level of service, attention to detail, longevity or local knowledge of Great Western Lodging. That goes for both renting out a vacation rental and managing properties.

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Why We Love Breckenridge!

Downtown Breckenridge Colorado



With some of the best conditions and terrain in the country, skiing brings a lot of people to Breckenridge for their first time but it’s not always what keeps them here or coming back. Being a full time resident of Breckenridge since moving to Colorado, it has become evident to me there is a reoccurring theme among the residents and guest whom visit our beautiful mountain town, they all love Breckenridge! From the colorful Victorian style buildings, rich mining history, and vibrant community to the never ending adventures everywhere you go, Breckenridge is a special place to many. Continue reading

2016 International Snow Sculpting Championship in Breckenridge|Meet Team Estonia

International Snow Sculpting Championship Breckenridge

Every January, teams from all over the world come to Breckenridge to compete in one of the winter’s most unique yet impressive competitions. This event doesn’t include a pair of skis or a snowboard though, but rather homemade sculpting tools to take a 20-ton block of snow and turn it into a a creative display of art. The international Snow Sculpting Championship might not get the publicity as some of the more well known events that take place in the Colorado Rockies, but the talent and skill on display is nothing short of spectacular. Continue reading

USA Pro Challenge Breckenridge

USA Pro Challenge|Breckenridge Stage

With some of the world’s top cyclists competing against one another through 7 grueling stages, the USA Pro Challenge has become one of the biggest and most important cycling events in the United States. Since it’s inaugural year back in 2011, the race has made it’s way through Breckenridge and has quickly become one of the marquee events of the summer for our town. Much like skiing and snowboarding in the winter, the excitement and passion around the summer is unmatched. As a whole, Breckenridge just loves the outdoors and any activities that involve being outdoors, but biking (all forms) sits atop the Summer’s list. Continue reading

Breckenridge sunset

Summer Sunsets in Breckenridge

It’s no secret that Breckenridge is beautiful, just ask Forbes or Thrillest. And while you could put together what seems like a never ending list of reason’s this place is in fact so beautiful, one really stands out to me. You typically see it every night and it usually doesn’t stick around for too long. I’m talking about the amazing sunsets that cast over Breckenridge and the surrounding areas.

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