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Travel Insurance | Breckenridge CO Vacation Rentals

Are you protected? Travel Insurance offers you the peace of mind needed when planning your vacation. Protect your investment by purchasing Travel Guard Insurance for only 7% of your reservation total. The old travel industry motto is that if you can’t afford to lose the amount you have invested for your vacation rental, then you should probably opt for the insurance. Because we have a 45-day cancellation policy (60-day for Holiday, 14-day for summer) for most of our ski season, last minute cancellations are rare. However, we know that life throws many unexpected items at you. Because we are in a contractual obligation to pay our homeowners, we are unable to make any exceptions for non-refundable cancellations.

Most common reasons guests benefit from purchasing travel insurance:

  • unforeseen injury, illness or death to someone in the travelling party, or even to a non-travelling family member
  • pre-existing medical conditions (assuming one has purchased insurance within 21 days of the booking date)
  • weather-related airport and/or official road closure that might prevent you from reaching Breckenridge as scheduled
  • jury duy
  • a natural disaster that might disable one’s ability to reach the destination

Let us know if you would like to purchase travel insurance for your Breckenridge vacation.