Breckenridge sunset

Summer Sunsets in Breckenridge

It’s no secret that Breckenridge is beautiful, just ask Forbes or Thrillest. And while you could put together what seems like a never ending list of reason’s this place is in fact so beautiful, one really stands out to me. You typically see it every night and it usually doesn’t stick around for too long. I’m talking about the amazing sunsets that cast over Breckenridge and the surrounding area’s.

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Best places to view fireworks in Breckenridge

Breckenridge fireworks

After an unbelievably beautiful June that followed a very wet May, we are now into July and it appears mother nature is going to play nice again this year allowing Breckenridge to host it’s annual Independence Day firework celebration this Saturday, July 4th. While there aren’t many bad viewing area’s, I wanted to give you the inside scoop on where the BEST places to view the fireworks in Breckenridge are!

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Kodi Rafting & The Browns Canyon

As we arrivJessRafted to the Kodi Rafting outpost in Buena Vista, the sun was shining, the air was warm and we knew the water was running high. We were all excited for an adventurous day on the Arkansas River. We decided to do a full day trip as most of us have never done both the upper and lower parts of the river. The first part of the trip you really get to take in the scenery and views of the Browns Canyon National Monument.  If you’re lucky you might even spot a big horned sheep! About halfway through the trip, the river really starts to pick up as you go through “Siedel’s” section. With the knowledge and experience of our
amazing raft guides Boston and Flakes, we all felt very confident that we could power through it safely. Soon after, our guides tied up our rafts and cooked us lunch on the riverside. Once we hopped back on the river for the lower section, we approached a 2519298section called “Zoom Flume”. The name speaks for itself, it is a very fast paced and exhilarating stretch. Whenever we got to take a short break from paddling our guides told us stories and facts about the Arkansas River and Browns Canyon. Overall we would all rate our experience a 10/10. Too book a trip with Kodi Rafting click on their logo below. Kodi

Small Businesses Keep Breckenridge Authentic

In recognition of Small Business Week

Breckenridge summertime

There are many of things that make Breckenridge such a special place. From the breath taking scenery, humbling size of the mountains, incredible wildlife, blue skies, and it’s beautiful town just to name a few . The list could go on and on but I believe what truly separates Breckenridge and makes it stand out are it’s amazing residents and welcoming community. Continue reading

5 Must do’s in Breckenridge this Spring

Breckenridge Colorado

5 Must do’s in Breckenridge this Spring

If you haven’t figured out by now, we love the spring time here in Breckenridge. Beautiful weather, smaller crowds, prime skiing conditions, and a plethora of activities going on around town are just a few of the reasons it’s slowly becoming locals favorite time of the year. Here are 5 must do things while visiting Breckenridge during the Spring! Continue reading

Best Happy Hours in Breckenridge


Experience some of Breckenridge’s best Happy Hours!

Happy Hour Breckenridge
With over 75 restaurants and bars, it can be difficult trying to choose where to grab a bite to eat or drink while staying in Breckenridge. What’s even more difficult is finding out who has the best Happy Hour Specials in town. Look no further! We have comprised a list of some of the best Happy Hour Specials Breckenridge has to offer, that won’t break the bank. Enjoy! Continue reading

Ullr Fest: Breckenridge’s way to say thanks, for the snow!


How does an area with 300 days of sunshine and average winter temperatures of 28 degrees get 350 inches of snowfall annually? You have to be on good terms with Ullr, of course! As the story goes, Ullr, the Norse God of snow loves Breckenridge. Way back in 1963 the town locals caught wind that Ullr was going to be making a stop through Breckenridge. Wanting to show there gratitude and appreciation for Ullr’s blessings on the town (big dumps of snow!), everyone got together and threw a week long festival in his honor, the rest is history…

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