Property (HOA) Management

Great Western Lodging has been managing Breckenridge homeowner associations (HOAs) since 1998. Our concept has always been to match association management with rental management through an on-site presence in prime locations, coupled with superior service. Our goal is to be the best management company in the Breckenridge area, not the largest. We constantly scrutinize additional opportunities since we are looking for quality properties. For over 15 years, Great Western Lodging (GWL) has had a continued track record of success, being very precise as to what works for us and what doesn’t, and also what will work in Breckenridge and what will not. Our current HOA management portfolio includes One Breckenridge Place, Park Avenue Lofts and Sawmill Creek and The Corral.

PL202_002Our business is run to meet the desired service requirements not only of what each association board and guests expect, but also what we expect. GWL recognizes and appreciates the differences of running an efficient, boutique operation versus that of a large, publicly-traded company. Our approach to quality assurance and control starts with frequent and effective communication channels from the owner and general manager of GWL, to the Boards of each association, and then back to our Director of Operations and Association Manager. We also have excellent rapport with all Board members at our HOAs. We are firm believers in effective dialogue and high visibility on-site. Furthermore, over the years we have developed great working relationships with proven mechanical contractors.

Our implementation of services involves a very hands-on approach, tailoring the service individually to each one of our property associations. While it is imperative for GWL to manage every condominium association in a fiscally responsible manner, we are committed to working with every Board and ownership to both streamline costs and improve service levels. We also recognize that for this to be a mutually beneficial relationship, it needs to be a dynamic process. Although there are certain guidelines in place to assist in reaching certain benchmarks and quality assurance, success will only be achieved by constantly reviewing & adjusting our procedures and policies as we move forward.

If you would like to talk further or get a proposal for the management of your HOA, please contact Keith Kroepler at or 970.453.4246 x17.