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12 May 2024
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Breckenridge, Colorado, a renowned destination famed for its stunning landscapes and family-friendly attractions, offers an array of activities that promise fun and excitement for children of all ages. From scenic gondola rides providing breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains to hiking trails leading to whimsical sculptures, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had. 

Splash around in the indoor pools of the Breckenridge Recreation Center, sled down snowy hills, or learn about the local wildlife and history. This vibrant town caters to every interest, ensuring every family visit is packed with enjoyment and memorable experiences.



Riding the Gondola



Riding the gondola offers a magical experience for children, providing stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and the town below. This scenic ride is not only free, but it also allows families to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the landscape in any season. In the winter, the snowy peaks and frosted trees create a winter wonderland, while the summer months showcase lush greenery and wildflowers.

The ride starts at the Breckenridge Station and travels over Cucumber Gulch, a natural wildlife preserve, where kids might spot moose, foxes, or even bald eagles. The excitement of identifying animals from above makes the gondola a thrilling open-air classroom. Upon reaching Peak 8, families can explore a variety of activities. During winter, skiing and snowboarding are the highlights, whereas summer offers hiking trails, mountain biking, and the Alpine SuperSlide.

Each gondola cabin is enclosed and safe, designed to comfortably fit a family, and equipped with large windows for unobstructed views. The gentle ascent and descent provide a smooth ride, making it suitable for children of all ages. The gondola operates year-round, with varying hours depending on the season, making it an accessible adventure for visiting families.

This activity not only delights children with its panoramic views but also serves as a convenient way to access higher altitudes without the exertion of hiking, ensuring that even the youngest visitors can enjoy the beauty of Breckenridge’s high alpine environment.






Hiking in Breckenridge offers a perfect blend of adventure and accessibility, making it a delightful activity for families with children. One of the most charming trails is the Trollstigen Trail, which is especially appealing to younger hikers. 

This trail is known for its manageable distance and the enchanting destination: Isak Heartstone, a large wooden troll sculpture created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Located just a short walk from the parking area, this trail not only leads to the whimsical troll but also meanders through picturesque forest scenery that captivates the imagination of kids and adults alike.

The trail itself is well-maintained and marked, ensuring a safe path for children and less experienced hikers. Along the way, families can enjoy the lush greenery, occasional wildlife sightings, and the bubbling sounds of nearby streams, which are perfect for a leisurely day out in nature. The highlight, Isak Heartstone, stands as a beloved figure in the Breckenridge community. This art installation has not only become a popular spot for photos but also a point of interest that adds a unique cultural element to the hiking experience.

Moreover, hiking this trail provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn about local flora and fauna, as well as the importance of outdoor conservation. It's an engaging way for families to spend time together, exploring the natural beauty of Breckenridge while creating lasting memories



Swimming at the Breckenridge Recreation Center


The Breckenridge Recreation Center is a fantastic spot for families, especially those looking to enjoy some swimming regardless of the season. With its large, heated indoor pool, the center offers an array of water-based activities that are perfect for children of all ages. The pool features a kid-friendly area with features such as a lazy river, a zero-entry section, and water slides, making it an exciting place for young swimmers to splash around and have fun.

Additionally, the recreation center provides swimming lessons for various skill levels. These lessons are led by experienced instructors who focus on safety, swimming techniques, and helping children gain confidence in the water. This makes the recreation center not only a place for entertainment but also a venue where children can learn important life skills.

Open swim times are generously scheduled throughout the week, allowing families to drop in at their convenience. The center is also equipped with other amenities such as a hot tub where parents can relax while keeping an eye on their kids.

For those looking to celebrate a special occasion, the recreation center offers pool party packages, which include private rental options. This can be an ideal way to celebrate birthdays or any other significant events in a fun and unique setting.

The Breckenridge Recreation Center provides a safe, enjoyable, and educational environment where kids can engage in aquatic activities, learn to swim, and simply enjoy the water in a controlled and fun setting.






Sledding in Breckenridge offers a delightful experience for families, especially at popular spots like Carter Park Sledding Hill and the new runway sledding hill on Fraction Drive. Carter Park, located at the south end of High Street and accessible via a short walk from downtown, is a favorite among locals and visitors. The hill is free to the public and boasts a moderate slope suitable for children and adults alike. The area around the hill provides amenities such as a heated bathroom and a small parking lot, although spots can fill up quickly on busy days.

On the other hand, the new sledding hill on Fraction Drive presents a fresh option for sledding enthusiasts. This site was developed to accommodate the growing demand for accessible winter recreational activities. The hill features a longer and wider slope, designed to provide a thrilling ride that's still manageable for younger sledders. Unlike Carter Park, the Fraction Drive hill tends to be less crowded, offering more space for sledding fun without the wait.

Both locations require sleds without metal parts to ensure safety for all users. Visitors should bring their own sleds as rentals are not available on the hills. While the town does not charge for use of these hills, sledders are advised to wear proper winter clothing and protective gear, such as helmets, to keep warm and safe during their activities. These sledding spots provide a fantastic way for families to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting winter memories in Breckenridge.



Whitewater Rafting



Whitewater rafting near Breckenridge, Colorado, is a thrilling activity that can be tailored to families with kids. The nearby Arkansas River and Colorado River offer a variety of rafting experiences that range from gentle floats suitable for young children to more exhilarating rides with rapids that challenge older kids and teens. These rafting trips not only provide an exciting adventure but also the opportunity to enjoy the stunning Rocky Mountain scenery.

Several local outfitters specialize in family-friendly rafting excursions, ensuring safety with experienced guides who are trained to work with children. These guides also focus on making the journey engaging by pointing out local wildlife, teaching about the area's natural history, and ensuring that everyone on the trip is comfortable and having fun. 

Safety is paramount, and all participants are provided with life jackets and helmets. Most companies offer a brief training session before hitting the water, where kids and parents learn about paddling techniques and river safety. 

Depending on the age and comfort level of the children, families can choose trips that last a few hours or a full day. Some routes include stops for lunch on the riverbank, offering a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. This activity not only brings families closer but also instills a love for nature and outdoor sports in young adventurers.



Arcade Games


Breckenridge offers arcade gaming options that cater to children and families seeking a blend of nostalgia and fun. One popular spot is the Downstairs at Eric’s, located right on Main Street. This family-friendly sports bar not only serves up a tasty menu but also features a lively arcade area. Kids can enjoy a wide range of classic and contemporary arcade games, from pinball machines to racing simulators, making it a hit for an evening of entertainment.

Another excellent choice for arcade enthusiasts is the Stephen C. West Ice Arena, where children can skate and then play arcade games. The arcade section here may be smaller compared to other places, but it offers a cozy spot to wind down after ice skating.

Additionally, the Breckenridge Recreation Center provides a different twist on the arcade experience. While primarily known for its sports facilities and classes, the center also houses a small arcade area. This allows kids to combine physical activity with gaming, ensuring they get both exercise and electronic play in one visit.

These venues in Breckenridge highlight the town’s commitment to providing diverse activities that cater to families and children of all ages. They offer a perfect retreat after a day of exploring the outdoors, ensuring kids have engaging options regardless of the season.



Touring Mines


Touring mines is a fascinating and educational experience for children and families interested in history and geology. Breckenridge’s rich mining heritage comes to life through guided tours of old mines where silver and gold once were extracted. These tours typically involve exploring underground tunnels, which are safe and well-maintained, allowing kids to glimpse what life was like for miners in the 1800s.

One popular destination is the Country Boy Mine, one of the oldest and largest mines in the area. Visitors can venture over 1,000 feet into the mountain, where they'll see the original workings, tools, and conditions miners endured. Educational signs and interactive displays throughout the mine explain the processes of drilling, blasting, and carting out ore.

Kids particularly enjoy the opportunity to pan for gold. Many tours include demonstrations of gold panning and even let children try their hand at it, offering them the excitement of possibly finding a small flake of real gold to take home as a souvenir.

Additionally, exploring these mines can spark conversations about the history of the American West, the gold rush era, and the technological advances in mining. It also offers a unique way to learn about the earth's geology and the formation of minerals.

These mine tours are not only a journey back in time but also provide a hands-on, engaging activity that complements the natural beauty and outdoor adventures that Breckenridge is known for. This makes it an ideal educational outing for families looking to enrich their understanding of Colorado’s mining era while enjoying an adventurous day out.



Escape Rooms


Escape rooms are perfect for kids who enjoy solving mysteries and cracking codes, and Breckenridge has a good number of them. Participants are locked in a themed room and must use clues and teamwork to find their way out before time runs out. This activity encourages problem-solving skills and cooperation among young players, making it a fun learning experience as well.

Breckenridge has several escape rooms with varying themes and difficulty levels, suitable for different age groups. Popular themes include historical adventures, treasure hunts, and spy missions, which captivate children's imaginations and transport them into another world. This activity is an excellent option for a rainy day or after a long day of outdoor sports, providing a perfect balance of mental challenge and entertainment.

Escape rooms also offer a unique way for families to bond, as parents and children work together to solve the puzzles. It’s an engaging way to spend an hour, creating lasting memories in the heart of Breckenridge.



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