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27 Jan 2021
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1. GET A FEEL FOR LIVING TOGETHER (if you don’t already)

Nothing tests a relationship quite like living together and getting to know your partner’s quirks. Traveling gives you that, but without the contractual lease or mortgage. Extended vacations allow you to spend all day and night with your person giving you clearer understanding on what it is like to be around them when they’ve stopped being on their best behavior. Are they adaptable to new situations? Do they like to wake up at the crack of dawn? Are they easily frazzled during low or stressful periods of the trip? Traveling can help you assess the fundamental compatibilities it takes to stay together for the long run. 

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Vacations are a break from daily routines where you’re able to sit back, relax and take part in fun activities. Traveling as a couple gives both partners a reset - from work and day-to-day stressors - to focus more on each other and fostering a sustainable relationship. You’re free to be yourselves which can create intimate bonds and a lifelong friendship. By going somewhere unknown or less familiar, you’ll start to think more like a team. This can help build trust, connection, and meaningful memories. Couples that journey together have more to talk about and grow to have more in common because they’re doing things they love together. Never let the honeymoon end and give yourselves a fighting chance to truly enhance your friendship.

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Whether you are newlyweds or have been together for a decade, most relationships will struggle with finances at one point or another. Traveling creates an opportunity to learn how to budget your money better and how to compromise on expectations of how that money will be spent. From the initial planning to the execution of daily splurging, things can add up quickly. It’s important to plan ahead and give yourselves a budget that you agree on. Where will you sleep and how luxurious do you want your accommodations to be? Will you dine out or eat in? What will you do for excursions? Would you prefer to spend more of your budget on activities, food, or souvenirs? Each of these questions will give your partnership a better understanding on how to budget for a vacation - which can help create smart financial decisions in the future.

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Although traveling is wonderful, at times it can become stressful. Exploring new places with a partner can further develop your communication skills. Things like making plans, having to think on your toes, working out the details and challenges collectively can all aid in creating lifelong communication skills within a relationship. Adventuring could bring out tiresome reactions giving couples a chance to learn compromise, teamwork, patience and troubleshooting things that may arise. Alternatively, traveling is also a great way for couples to learn how to have fun together. It will give partners the chance to discover each other's passions and



Getaways promote a time to learn new things and have new experiences. What better way to do this than with your significant other? Try new food! There is a connection between love and food and for many, food is even a love language. Try new activities or learn new hobbies while on vacation. This will bring you closer, help strengthen your relationship and give you more to talk about when you are back to your normal routines. Grow together through new experiences and gain shared perspectives. Friendship in a relationship is magic and traveling is the ultimate way to build that.

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