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23 Dec 2020
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The end of 2020 is almost here. We're all ready to say goodbye and start fresh in the new year. The new year will ring in much more than it has before, as 2021 will bring us a day where our lives can get back to normal and we feel safer. Next year should be about prioritizing our health, wellness, developed sense of self and appreciation for the world around us. Make 2021 the year of travel - where you can explore new places and cherish that time spent in a deeper way. If the past nine months have taught us anything, it's that time is undeniably quick and often taken for granted. We don't know what tomorrow holds, so it's important to live for today. Colorado is going to be a top travel destination of 2021. Here's why it's the best time to take your vacation and explore:


2020 will be the year we never miss. With a heightened sense of awareness, fear and anxiety from the occurrences happening around us, it's no wonder that mental

 health challenges have sprung into the forefront of many lives. Between the pandemic, lives lost, politics and being isolated at home away from our community - most of us have understandably had a hard time.

Make 2021 the year that you remember what is most important in order to live your life to the fullest. If the past nine months have taught us anything, it's that time is undeniably quick and often taken for granted. We don't know what tomorrow holds, so it's important to live for today.

Travel will be helpful for our mental health in this coming year. It will aid us in restoring balance to our minds and healing the tole that stress has taken. We can get away and forget about the mundane routines to focus on a more compelling present moment in time. The new sceneries, experiences and opportunities that travels bring will promote happiness by shifting our thoughts to more positive situations.

We all need a break from what 2020 has put us through. It's OK to take that time to heal ourselves. In fact, it's really necessary.

Try something new! If you’re planning a visit to Breckenridge in 2021, do something you haven't tried before. Learn a new hobby or take part in one of the many outdoor activities offered in Breck.

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While this past year gave us a lot of stress, it was also a reminder of the importance on simplicity and enjoying the basics. Vacationing in 2021 might not be that excessive getaway where your itinerary is full every day. Perhaps it will look a bit simpler than that.

But that is OK! Allow yourself to appreciate the essentials, which can provide an important groundwork for future trips. Get out and explore nature. Put away the phones and enjoy conversations and company with family and friends. Use your pent-up fuel to learn a new hobby. Take time to be still and enjoy the world around you. Regardless of when things get back to being 100% open, the great outdoors is always available, and Breckenridge offers some spectacular scenery and grounds to cover.


This past year has been one for the losses. Nationally and globally, the world faced a lot of distress. We lost lives. We lost normal access to health facilities. We missed out on community events - sports, concerts, cinema, festivals. We lost privileges and conveniences. We lost a lot of toilet paper - why? But for many of us, what we lost most was time. We’ve been living in a real-life groundhog’s day for the past nine months and it's been really hard.

But it's also important to remember the things we may have gained. 2020 gave us the time to develop ourselves. We learned flexibility, strength and for some, new hobbies and interests. Many people learned how to be brave. A lot of us have a clearer understanding of what's most important, now. Although we wish these lessons could have been learned without so much loss, we can leave 2020 feeling more durable.


Nervousness, worry, pressure, stress, overindulgence, judgement... that about sums up 2020!

Many of us drank a lot, some of us skipped the at-home workouts, most of us indulged in boredom snacks, and overall, we just forfeited healthy habits this past year. 2020 made self-care go down the drain. But that's totally normal given the circumstances. However, it is time to give our bodies some healthy rejuvenation.

Traveling in 2021 could lead you to a relaxing vacation filled with nourishment for both the body and mind - from hitting the slopes, enjoying the hot springs and taking adventurous hikes to homemade meals and cozy nights by the fire. Don't forget about that FRESH AIR.

We've been in overdrive - navigating new policies, a lot of feelings and all the ways in which our lives have changed and because of that, many of us have neglected to keep up with good health. Kick start your year by choosing to focus on activities that won't leave you reaching for another bag of chips. It's time to get outside, take in gorgeous views and find peace.

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Most jobs have moved to remote working these days, making travel more flexible. Now’s the perfect time to pack your office and bring it with you for a workcation. Book a long-term getaway with great views for a more quality workday. Spend your lunches on the slopes at Breckenridge Ski Resort or taking a Winter hike nearby.

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Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit a lot of business hard and the travel industry has been no exception. Many travel purchases are going to be less expensive, for now. Vacation rentals, car rentals, airfare and even some activities are more affordable than ever before. It’s a great time to plan your 2021 vacation and save


Traveling next year will also help support your favorite tourism communities. Breckenridge, Colorado is one of the many places supported by tourists! Our economy prospers when you visit and with 2020 having been such an idle year for travelers, many areas have suffered. We’re ready to welcome everyone back!

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The COVID-19 vaccine is coming. 2021 is going to be the year of travel for restoration and to make up for lost time. Prioritize your vacation plans and book early to reserve your 2021 stay. If you wait too long, you may lose out and must put your vacation off until 2022 - which may mean dealing with bigger crowds.

Most of us all have been feeling pent-up and overwhelmed - something new scenery will help! Booking early will ensure that you will not compete with other guests who are planning on rescheduling their missed 2020 vacations to next year. Polls are expressing that travelers are planning on getting away within two months of any travel restrictions being lifted. 2021 holds the day where we can safely get back to our normal lives without any restrictions.

So, why wait? Lodging capacity will be limited. Plan ahead to ensure your time is well spent in 2021!