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7 May 2015
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There are many of things that make Breckenridge such a special place. From the breath taking scenery, humbling size of the mountains, incredible wildlife, blue skies, and it’s beautiful town just to name a few . The list could go on and on but I believe what truly separates Breckenridge and makes it stand out are it’s amazing residents and welcoming community.

Unlike a good portion of mountain towns that happen to be home to a world class ski resort, Breckenridge was and is much more than just a ski destination and resort. Our small little quaint town was home to many hard working, passionate miners throughout the 1800’s and early 1900’s, long before any plans to build one of the country’s premiere ski resorts.

The hard work, passion, and authenticity of Breckenridge and it’s residents is still prominent to this day. As the nation acknowledges and celebrates the 52nd annual Small Business week, I would like to give special recognition to all of the wonderful small businesses and the workers of Breckenridge as they are the backbone and foundation of our uniquely amazing town. With only a handful of “Corporate” businesses operating in town, Starbucks, Subway, and Wyndham to name a few, Breckenridge fosters a community for small business to flourish and succeed. With that comes a friendly, blue-collar, work hard play hard mentality that is felt throughout the town.

With a Main Street that looks like it is straight from a movie (oh wait, it is!), you will not see stores such as Gucci, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., etc like you may see in similar towns. Instead, locally owned businesses like Sun LogicMountain Goat Clothing Co., and Valley Girl Boutique line the store fronts along Main Street. Inside these stores you will find some of the most unique, inspiring, and creative items, not something that can be purchased at any chain store across the world. The more important aspect is the people you will interact with in these stores, restaurants, and shoppes. Like many of small, locally owned businesses across the United States, our stores in town are own and ran by the same local residents who live, play, and love everything that is Breckenridge.

Without the small businesses that create so much pleasure for locals and tourist alike, Breckenridge wouldn’t be the same. The genuine love for life, compassion for your neighbor, and authenticity of a true mountain town would be tainted or even lost if Corporate America had it’s footprint on Breckenridge. So as a thank you to all of the small business, your hard work and commitment to our town and community do not go unnoticed!

Make sure to support your local small businesses this week and make a difference in your community!