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23 Mar 2015
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As we begin to see our economy improve, many people are beginning to travel more often with more expendable income at their disposal. While budgets may not be as tight  as they were back in 2009, everyone likes to save a buck and get the best value without jeopardizing any part of the guest experience in their travels.

With 5 peaks, over 2,900 acres of terrain, some of the most consistent & best snowfall, and a gorgeous downtown area that is the ruminates of a boom mining town in the 1800’s, Breckenridge has become one of the most popular skiing destinations in the country. While our beautiful mountain and town have endless amounts of fun to offer, it all comes with a price. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while booking your trip to Breckenridge :


Book Direct!

Usually the first step in planning any trip or vacation is finding lodging, and where you want to stay. The most common theme among travelers while in the planning stages of booking lodging is to use an online travel agency (OTA’s) such as Tripadvisor and Expedia. These online sites are great tools to compare numerous different properties and reviews but they should be kept to just that. One of the biggest misconceptions is that these online agencies have the lowest price available and offer the best deals which is not how it works. These agencies have price parity agreements with whoever they are in agreement with meaning neither party is allowed to under cut the other in terms of pricing.

When you book direct, you can be assured you are receiving the best possible rate but also you get first hand information and knowledge about the area, the rentals, and whats going on around town. These larger travel agencies typically do not live, work, or have ever been to the area you are trusting them to book your vacation for. Though you probably won’t save money booking one way or the other, the value you will get out of the experience and first hand knowledge of what specific unit you will be staying at when booking directly through our reservations office or any direct office alone is enough to make a good trip great!

Plan your vacation during the slower times

Typically it is quite a bit cheaper to visit Breckenridge the second week of January than it is the first week. By being somewhat flexible with the dates you are available to travel, this allows staff working in reservation office’s to find the best available unit for the best price within your date range. Additionally, the earlier you plan and book your trip the more likely you are to get either the unit you want or a rental unit that won’t have you feeling like you were ripped off or over paid by the end of your trip.

Lift tickets/Passes 

Pay attention to the early and pre-season sales!

Currently Vail Resorts is offering their 2015/2016 season passes on it’s website for a special early bird preseason price. Which pass is the right pass for you will vary depending on dates you plan to travel and which mountains you want to ride, but for anyone planing to ski more than 5 times or make more than one trip out here, it will save you money and time.

Book lift tickets at least 7 days in advance

As part of being a guest of Great Western Lodging, we are able to offer advance lift ticket pricing through the resort as well as offer “stay free, ski free” pricing during select dates. Call our reservations office (888)453-1001 for more details.


Make home cooked meals

Although not everyone’s ideal scenario is to cook while on vacation, it’ll save you money, time fighting dinner crowds, plus who wouldn’t want to cook if you had a kitchen like this to do it in?

All of our properties (excluding studios) have a full kitchen perfect for making a meal or two at home and with a large grocery store located right on hwy 9 in town, it’s convenient too!

Take advantage of Happy Hours and Nightly Specials 

With over 90 bars and restaurants in town, there can be specials found at most places to eat at in Breckenridge. During busy times of the year around dinner time it can be hard to find a place that doesn’t have an hour wait and those days are prefect opportunities to take advantage of some of the great Happy Hour Specials offered up around town before the crowds start to flood Main Street and surrounding areas in search of a bite to eat.

Talking to the people who live in Breckenridge, play in Breckenridge, and work in Breckenridge will help ensuring you have the perfect Breckenridge experience while saving you time and a few dollars in the process!