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17 Sep 2023
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Many Colorado vacation property owners often perceive interior design as an avoidable cost. As long-time vacation rental managers in Breckenridge, we beg to differ.

At Great Western Lodging, we view decor not merely as an expense but as a crucial investment that yields substantial returns. It stands on par with considerations like price, location, and amenities.

 A significant number of travelers are more than willing to pay a premium for an aesthetically pleasing space. They seek the idyllic alpine atmosphere that epitomizes the essence of Colorado.

 The truth is, adopting a design-focused mindset leads to higher nightly fees. Below, we've prepared a case study evaluating four of our rental properties in Breckenridge. While all of them perform incredibly well and offer exceptional comfort, one stands out, thanks to its design-focused approach.



Case Study


All four properties do excellent work in decor, and there's much to learn from each of them. However, Scenic View Lodge rises above all the other rentals in that regard.

In this blog, we'll highlight what makes Scenic View Lodge an interior design champion and, based on all properties, also share more valuable decor tips for your Breckenridge vacation rental.



1. Selecting the right furniture composition

Making the right furniture choices can transform any dull space into a beautiful one.

Even in our alpine environment, which typically calls for more rustic and warm pieces, introducing modern elements and contemporary design touches can infuse a feeling of airiness to your rental. 

It's a good idea to select pieces that are less ornamented, such as clean-lined modern sofas, minimalist wooden coffee tables, and sleek pendant lights. These choices will undoubtedly contribute to a sense of lightness in any space.

Rugs play a crucial role in enhancing the sense of space, especially when they extend beneath multiple pieces of furniture at once. Opting for textures and more muted colors is the way to go.

Pro tip: if your goal is to make substantial income with your rental, it's essential to think of your decor in terms of the preferences of your target audience, rather than in a way that solely reflects your personal taste.

How does Scenic View Lodge get it right? 


Scenic View Lodge

Scenic View Lodge's living room.

The furniture choices at Scenic View Lodge are truly exceptional. Despite the traditional brown color, the sofa boasts a minimalist design with thin legs. The addition of gray textured cushions brings a modern touch to the space, and the use of leather in multiple pieces adds a sense of style and luxury. The rug selection is perfect — it spans beneath all the living furniture, enhancing the overall sense of space.

 Opting for two coffee tables instead of just one, along with unique pieces like the red dice sculpture, injects dynamism and a playful character into the decor.


Settlers Creek 6525

The living room at Settlers Creek 6525.

Settlers Creek 6525 is also on the right track with its inviting and cozy living room. The way they've photographed the space, with the lit fireplace and beautiful forest views, forms an interesting and emotionally engaging appeal to potential guests. However, there is room for enhancement in terms of design. The furniture composition, for example, is not diverse enough. While the sofa shares a similar color with Scenic View Lodge, its design lacks a minimalistic and clean aesthetic. The same applies to the armchair; if they had featured sleeker, slender legs, they would have introduced a more airy feel to the room. For a contemporary vibe, a more modern ceiling fan would also have been a good choice.


2. Pick a theme that relates to your area


We prefer an interior design that leans towards something more contemporary, but that's not to say that there's no room for more intricate or vintage items, which can infuse character into the decor.

In the case of vacation rentals in Breckenridge, CO, it's a wonderful idea to pick pieces that link to the natural backdrop and local culture.

Here are some decor ideas:

  • Reclaimed wood and stone accents: introduce reclaimed wood or stone accents to evoke the rustic charm of Breckenridge's historic architecture.

  • Victorian-inspired furniture: add furniture pieces with Victorian-inspired details, such as ornate patterns or antique-style furnishings, paying homage to Breckenridge's architectural heritage.

  • Mountain motifs: include decor elements with mountain motifs, such as artwork, throw pillows, or textiles, to bring the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains into your space.

  • Ski resort memorabilia: display vintage ski equipment, maps, or photographs as wall decor to celebrate the town's association with the Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Remember, the key is to capture the essence and unique elements of Breckenridge that resonate with you.

Whether it's natural beauty, historical architecture, or cultural events, incorporating these elements can help create a personalized and cozy space.

This offers a wonderful opportunity to use your decor to evoke emotional connections with your guests both before, during, and after their stay.

How does Scenic View Lodge get it right?


Scenic View Lodge


Scenic View Lodge's game room.

Scenic View Lodge's game room displays art that reflects the local environment, featuring stylized depictions of animals found in the area. An amazing touch is the retro pair of skis on the wall — a creative addition that not only tells an interesting story but is also visually captivating. The light piece in the ceiling is very sculptural and adds a contemporary touch that counterbalances the heavy pool table underneath it.

The Breck Escape


The game room at The Breck Escape.

The game room at The Breck Escape has a nice wall with retro watches and other decorative elements. However, an even more impressive result could have been achieved by selecting artwork that showcases the local environment and cultural heritage.

 3. Blend natural and artificial lighting

 Lighting is a key aspect of interior design and influences anyone's perception of a space. Be it natural or artificial, light has the power to elevate colors, textures, and the general atmosphere. For vacation rentals, achieving the perfect balance between natural and artificial lighting will enhance the overall guest experience.

It's a good idea to compose most rooms in your rental with soft, indirect lighting using a combination of table and floor lamps. This contributes to a cozier and more emotionally engaging space. Thoughtfully chosen pendant lights can introduce an extra layer of charm.

We love natural light, but too much of it can sometimes be overwhelming for certain guests. That's why it's a good idea to provide a way for people to adjust the natural light to their preferences using curtains and blinds. These additions not only allow for light control but also contribute to the charm of your decor.


How does Scenic View Lodge get it right?


Scenic View Lodge


Scenic View Lodge achieves an outstanding balance between natural and artificial light.


Scenic View Lodge excels in letting ample natural light through its large windows, and to boot, they frame the breathtaking outdoor scenery. The bold choice of pendant lighting adds a sculptural element to the living room, and it certainly creates a cozy mood at night. Discreet window blinds offer guests the option to adjust the room's brightness, catering to those who prefer less natural light.

Extra tip: avoid using cold, harsh fluorescent lighting, as it can be disturbing to the eyes and spoil the ambiance of any room. Opting for warmer bulbs is always a better choice.

4. Include a touch of green.

Even if your vacation rental is nestled amidst lush green surroundings, it's still worth considering the inclusion of indoor plants. Many people appreciate having delightful green elements in their environment. Houseplants can add a refreshing touch to various corners of your home, elevating your coffee table and infusing more life into your bedroom, for example.

Think it's too much trouble to keep them alive and well? Opt for artificial plants; they now come in highly realistic designs that can even fool the most diligent eye. 

Nature-inspired art is another easy way to infuse greenery into your home, and it works particularly well in bathrooms, creating a spa-like ambiance that guests adore.

A third option is to bring nature in by integrating expansive glass windows into your rental. This approach allows guests to maintain a strong connection with the natural environment while simultaneously feeling cozy indoors. Given the stunning Breckenridge scenery, bringing the beauty of nature inside your home is a choice you can't go wrong with.


How does Scenic Views Lodge get it right?


Scenic View Lodge Bedroom


One bedroom at Scenic View Lodge.

As the name suggests, Scenic View Lodge takes advantage of its scenic location within the lush surroundings by inviting nature indoors through many glass windows throughout the house. Guests can relax in the comfort of the bedroom, for instance, while experiencing the rejuvenating feeling of being surrounded by the forest outside.

Settlers Creek Bathroom


The bathroom at Settlers Creek.


Adding little touches of greenery to the bathroom, like this one in Settlers Creek, brings a spa-like feel to the environment.

Extra tip: when choosing indoor plants, whether real or artificial, it's essential to consider your geographical location. Can you imagine a rental in Breckenridge with several palm trees? Not ideal…


 5. Spruce up your kitchen


According to industry reports, a good-looking and well-equipped kitchen stands out as one of the key factors why guests choose vacation rentals instead of hotels. They want to foster memorable moments with loved ones and wear their chef hats!

A sleek and modern kitchen, equipped with top-notch materials and appliances, will increase the appeal of your rental and contribute to raising your nightly rates.


How does Scenic View Lodge get it right?


Scenic View Lodge Kitchen
Scenic View Lodge Kitchen


Scenic View Lodge Kitchen.

We can confidently say that the kitchen at Scenic View Lodge is a central feature. The hardware is modern, and the light-colored cabinets brighten the space, enhancing the stylish look of the kitchen. The white marble material in the countertop enhances the sense of luxury. Finally, the island with the high stools makes the environment even more social, connecting it with the living and dining room. Besides, who wouldn't want to cook with such a view?

Boost Your Nightly Rental Rates with Stellar Interior Design

With the right approach and furniture choices, decorating your space in the right way can boost your annual gross revenues by $25,000 to $30,000, believe it or not, and create even more memorable guest experiences.

Want an extra incentive? You also get to have fun and be creative!

Contact our expert property managers to discuss decor enhancement ideas for your rental today!