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26 Mar 2021
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Property Management

We've been in the business since 1998, helping second homeowners with their vacation rentals in Breckenridge, a first-class tourist destination. While the location of your rental is very important, Colorado visitors are also looking for vacation homes that can provide them with comfort and convenience. Learn about the simple things you can do this mud season to help increase your rental income.

1. Decor Matters

We understand that you may want to decorate your vacation home according to your own tastes. However, it's important to recognize that not every guest will prefer your personal style. Fashioning an inviting environment is simple. Stick to neutral tones for paint colors and keep with modern, yet timeless décor and furnishings.  

Hint: If your second home is filled with personal knick knacks and family photos, you may be missing out on that "home away from home" feel guests are looking for.

Tip: Pass on the personal mementos. Aim for less clutter and simple pieces to help your guest feel restful on their vacation.

2. Comfortable Mattresses, Bedding and Living Room Furniture

Frequent feedback we often receive from guests is that the mattresses were uncomfortable, or the living room furniture was outdated. Especially if you offer a pull-out sofa bed as part of your sleeping arrangements, it’s crucial to make sure the furniture offers a good night’s sleep.

Hint: If you acquired your second home’s furniture almost a decade ago, it’s safe to assume an update is needed.

Tip: Quality linens can go far. Nothing is better than coming back to your rental and resting on a soft sheet set after a long day of activities. If purchasing new mattresses is out of your budget, consider adding mattress pads or bed toppers to offer additional comfort for your guests.


3. Stock Up on Extras

Travelers LOVE surprise extras. Some of our happiest reviews come in from gracious travelers who forgot to pack certain items and were pleased them in their rental. Extra toiletries and a well-supplied kitchen get guests raving.

Hint: If you, yourself need to tow toiletries and cookware with you when staying in your own vacation rental, It’s probably a good idea to stock up.

Tip: Keep things in supply that you'd use yourself. Things like shampoo, extra toilet paper, soap, paper towels, a hair dryer, spare towels as well as kitchen items like utensils, Tupperware, mixing bowls, cups, and coffee makers are good essentials to focus on.

4. Offer Your Guests a Little Something More

It's the 21st century – electronics, appliances and sources of entertainment have come a long way. Updated televisions, accessories, appliances, and even leisurely resources can help ensure that your guests will return to your rental.

Hint: If your rental's TVs can’t access streaming services, it may be a good return on your investment to bring in newer electronics.

Tip: Opt for a modern TV, USB plugs, and updated kitchen and laundry appliances.

Since 1997, Great Western Lodging has been helping second homeowners in Breckenridge. Our property management services can be further categorized into rental and property (HOA) management. Whether you are looking for a professional rental manager for your mountain property, or if your condominium association is looking for a new management company, Great Western Lodging specializes in representing the best locations in Breckenridge.

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