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29 Oct 2020
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Vacation Rentals

1. Square Footage

With a vacation rental, you're not only getting a bedroom or two - you're getting an entire home! Nothing has the ability to ruin a getaway more than lack of space. As a family, it's especially important to have separate rooms for the kids and enough square footage to avoid feeling on top of each other. Whether guests stay in a condo, townhouse or private home, all vacation rentals have several rooms, supplying ample capacity to unload from the day on their terms. Luxury properties offer the most square footage, often boasting several living areas and even additional spaces like game rooms, lofts and large private decks.

2. Full Kitchens 

Ever end your vacation and realize that you spent the majority of your budget on food? With a rental property, that won't be an issue. Whether visitors are looking to save some money by eating in or want to prepare healthier meal options in between activities or for dinners, vacation rentals offer full kitchens with all of the accessories and essentials that are needed to prepare meals. Many rentals come with updated kitchens in both appliances and aesthetics. Guests are able to enjoy cooking in kitchens that feature luxurious stainless steel, custom cabinetry, granite counter tops and stunning views to take in while they sit down to appreciate dinner with family and friends.

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3. Ultimate Privacy to Enjoy Amenities

What's better than relaxing in your own private hot tub after a full day of activities? Many vacation rentals have their own hot tubs, balconies, saunas, laundry, deluxe master suites and even steam rooms to offer a more rich experience. Equipped with enough square footage and separate rooms to even offer privacy from the family and friends you're staying with, guests are able to fully relax during their stay in a vacation home.

4. Sleeps More People

Gone are the days where vacationers have to book several rooms - sometimes all around the hotel - to accommodate larger families. Vacation properties sleep more people and will save guests a lot of money at the same time. This is especially wonderful for those holiday getaways with the family where guests want to enjoy each other’s company, but still have comfortable sleeping arrangements.

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5. Feel Like a Local

When staying in a vacation rental, guests are able to choose their preferences with location and experience an authentic stay. Many properties are located in the heart of downtown Breckenridge offering guests prime access to local eateries and shops. For winter stays, ski-in, ski-out lodging rentals are perfect options that save commute time to the mountain so that visitors are able to relish in more fun!

6. Best Value

With hotels, room rates and nightly stays add up very quickly - especially if you've reserved several rooms for a longer trip. Staying in a private home, condo or townhouse gives travelers both luxury and value - often cutting costs in half.

7. Home Away from Home

Hotels can often be stale and dreary. One of the best reasons to book a vacation home is that it's an actual home. Guests won't have to worry about packing every little thing, as vacation rentals often come with the essentials needed for daily living. From fully stacked kitchens with cookware and utensils, to full sized washer and dryers, you'll be sure to enjoy a stay that's both comfortable and cozy.

8. Do Not Disturb

For those that enjoy staying up late, cooking in the middle of the night, rising at noon and being the run of the house, getaways in the luxury of a vacation rental are preferred. With hotels, guests have to worry about everyone else’s' time - from the cleaning crew to the hotel neighbors' kids running down the hallway at 6AM, there really is no comparison for what a vacation home will give you.

9. Unique Places to Stay

Providing much more than just a room, vacation properties foster uniqueness in their furnishings, architecture, design and layout. Visitors can stay in a Ski-in, Ski-out rental for the winter and enjoy a more luxurious accommodation near bike trails for the summer. One place is never the same and guests are able to find new experiences, amenities and aesthetic pleasures in each individual rental they stay in. 

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10. Extras

Vacation rentals not only provide upgraded essentials, they're also often equipped with additional entertainments and things like large TVs, quicker WIFI, DVD players, streaming services, electronic gaming systems, board games, coffee accessories, books, pool tables and more. After a day of full activities, vacationers will love the stay-in amusement options that a vacation rental often provides.

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