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We are celebrating 20 years in business in Breckenridge! Partnering with us means working with a team of passionate people who love Breckenridge and understand the rental market.

  1. Locally owned and operated. Our staff live and work in Breckenridge, and we love to call Breck our home!
  2. Outstanding reputation - we work hard for our homeowners, guests, local realtors and our community.
  3. Member affiliated within the industry - it's crucial that we partner with the Breckenridge Tourism Office, the Breckenridge Lodging Association and the Vacation Rental Management Association, as well as other organizations to further our education, cultivate new contacts, and maintain credibility in the industry.
  4. Local experience - we have a long-standing relationship with top-notch local vendors and contractors to help manage your property.
  5. Located in the heart of Breckenridge - our easy-to-find Main Street Breckenridge office, and satellite offices, allow us to provide outstanding service.

What our homeowners have to say

"We have been with Great Western Lodging since they first started in 1997. We have NEVER been disappointed in their managing of our condo in all of these years. They are very accessible whenever we had a question or issue and they have resolved it immediately. There is no back and forth or telephone tag like the other management companies we have dealt with before Great Western Lodging. First class personnel and staff - always there to help. It is reassuring to know that your property is managed properly and to its fullest potential for income with Great Western Lodging. I would highly recommend them to anyone look for consistently good service and I know they really care about their homeowners and properties. It is not just business with them."

- Sherry R., Homeowner at Trails End Condos


"We have had the same property in Breckenridge for over 25 years and our property has been rented since we acquired it. We have used three rental companies extensively in the past and we moved to Great Western Lodging around 6 years ago. They have turned out to be the most professional of all rental and property management companies in the area that we have used. Our rentals are at a record high, Great Western Lodging marketing is very comprehensive and the service of the staff has been excellent. Their maintenance work is of a very high order, and simple maintenance such as changing light bulbs and removing stains does not involve an additional charge unlike other rental management companies. The have dedicated staff to look after properties who provide excellent service. I would recommend Great Western Lodging."

- Peter Anwyl, Homeowner at Mountainwood Condos