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Whether cruising happy hours, pedaling the path with your family or bombing down to the base area, here’s all you need to know.

By Shauna Farnell

If there were one summertime activity to match the thrill of skiing or snowboarding, it’s charging down the mountain on...

Trail Running in Breckenridge

By Shauna Farnell

Discover great dirt pounding options as well as run-in, run-out lodging

Much in the same way that slope proximity is often the No. 1 priority for winter visitors, quick trail access is key in the summer, particularly for trail runners.

There is definitely no need...

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga

By Shauna Farnell

There is no better panorama of the Rocky Mountain scenery than from the middle of a high elevation lake or pond. While biking, hiking, golf and kayaking are the warm weather activities that come to mind for most Breckenridge visitors, stand up...