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30 Apr 2024
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Have a loved one or a good friend heading to Breckenridge? It's a great idea to give them something memorable and useful for their journey.

Not as easy as it sounds, right? We know! We understand that selecting the perfect gift can be a challenge nowadays, especially with so many options of things to buy out there.

But stress no more. In this blog, we've curated a list of ten top gifts that any traveler to the Rockies would be delighted to receive. Ranging from clothes and accessories to tech and experiences, there are options for every taste and budget. Here are 10 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Breckenridge Adventurer.


Sierra Stick

Lip care


This might be a small gift, but it's incredibly useful for anyone traveling to Breckenridge or any other mountain town. We all know that being exposed to low temperatures results in minor annoyances such as dry skin and cracked lips.

That said, a Sierra Stick is a must-have item for anyone traveling to Breckenridge, especially during heavy winter. This little stick combines lip balm, moisturizer, and first-aid ointment that will keep vacationers protected during their outdoor activities.

The product was actually created by an outdoor adventurer in the Sierra Nevada and it gains extra points for using sustainable ingredients as well as for having a sustainable yet stylish package.

Believe us, you might think this is a very simple gift, but for those traveling to the Rockies, it's sure a great companion!


KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

keepcup reusable




Breckenridge boasts many charming coffee shops, most of which are perfect for a pit stop and a caffeine boost after outdoor activities. However, there are times when you crave your wake-up nectar on the move, especially when you're eager to maximize your time outdoors. The KeepCup emerges as a fantastic gift for Breckenridge vacationers, especially those who are coffee aficionados.

Not only will they savor their caffeine fix in style, but baristas will also appreciate its user-friendly design. Perfect for cappuccinos and lattes, its design even considers the filter heads of espresso machines, streamlining the coffee-making process. It's an item that will not only be useful in Breckenridge but also in the everyday life of the person you give it to as a gift. Also, you'll be giving someone the gift of being more sustainable during their travels.


AeroPress coffee maker

aeropress coffee maker

Another exceptional gift for coffee aficionados heading to the Rockies is the AeroPress coffee and espresso maker. This compact, lightweight, and shatter-proof device offers 3-in-1 brew technology, seamlessly blending high-quality brewing with portability and user-friendliness.

Those who receive this gift will most likely love it; after all, not every lodge or hotel provides the appliances needed for guests to brew a satisfying cup of coffee. Gifting someone an AeroPress ensures they'll think of you during their Breckenridge vacation when they have the caffeine fix.


Travel Tumblers

Stanley Tumblers

Travel tumblers are gaining momentum and are ideal for any occasion, including trips to Breckenridge. Options that keep your drinks hot or cold are highly useful, and the fact that they can also be aesthetically pleasing is a nice bonus.

Some of the most popular travel tumblers come from Stanley Quencher. These tumblers are high quality and available in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Other notable brands offering stylish options include Yeti, Stojo, Hydro Flask, and Snow Peak.

With these tumblers at hand, users can keep their favorite drinks cool or hot for hours. Pretty nice to be able to enjoy your favorite beverage while appreciating the stunning natural beauty of Breckenridge, right?


Lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag 

lululemon everywhere belt bag



The name truly says it all. The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag has become a sought-after item among vacationers and frequent travelers alike, and for good reason — it's incredibly versatile, offering lots of space for all of one's essential belongings. Plus, its sleek design is complemented by an adjustable belt.

Crafted from durable nylon, it provides protection against potential spills and comes in a variety of discreet and vibrant colors. For those exploring the scenic wonders of Breckenridge, this bag becomes an indispensable companion, allowing them to explore the mountain town's natural beauty hands-free.



Top-notch Clothing for Outdoor Adventures

Clothing outdoor adventure



Most people's visit to Breckenridge will likely involve hiking or skiing. With that in mind, one of the best gifts for your loved one heading to the Rockies is high-quality outdoor clothing. They'll not only make good use of it in Colorado but also for future adventures wherever they choose to go. And it doesn't always need to be a very expensive jacket; instead, you can opt to give them useful accessories like beanies, gloves, scarves, and so on.

There are several well-known outdoor apparel brands out there. Any piece of clothing or accessories from these brands will certainly make a good impression and be useful for anyone traveling to the mountains.

Here are some of our favorite brands:

  • Patagonia: offers highly functional products with stylish designs.

  • Marmot: ideal for casual adventurers and provides budget-friendly options.

  • Columbia: more affordable than other brands and offers a wide variety of great products for hiking and other outdoor adventures.

  • The North Face: the best brand for insulation and durability. Their products are stylish and suitable for urban environments as well.

  • Montbell: a leading brand in ultralight clothing with strong insulation. They have been offering "Light & Fast" products to outdoor enthusiasts since 1975.

  • L.L. Bean: provides clothing for outdoor activities while maintaining an everyday appeal for those who wear it in town.

We know that choosing clothing for someone else can be challenging, as preferences for color or style vary. In such cases, it can be a good idea to buy a gift card from one of these brands, allowing them to choose what they want or need. Most of these brands offer gift card options on their websites.


Your Personal, Professional Photoshoot

professional photographer



A delightful gift that every family member can enjoy while traveling to Breckenridge is booking a private photo shoot. There are excellent online platforms like Flytographer and Local Lens that connect travelers with local photographers who will capture memorable moments against beautiful backdrops.

All they need to do is select a picturesque location and enjoy their time in front of the camera. The photos they receive will serve as meaningful reminders of their vacation. A photography session in this mountain town is the perfect opportunity for families, friends, and couples to bond and create lasting memories together.


HP Sprocket 3x4 Photo Printer

hp photo printer

Speaking of memorable snapshots, here's another gift that will make any vacation to Breckenridge even more unforgettable. HP’s Sprocket 3x4 Photo Printer offers the possibility of transforming digital phone snapshots into tangible printed memories.

This portable printer is capable of producing high-quality photos in mere seconds. It uses zero ink technology (yes, not ink!) and is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Plus, the printer is also very cute!

Camp Cocktails by Emily Vikre

camp cocktails book



Fancy a drink surrounded by nature? Outdoor adventures will never be the same with this fun and unique gift. "Camp Cocktails" is a book filled with a diverse range of simple and easy-to-make drinks — all perfect for enjoying amidst the wonders of nature.

In addition to chapters focusing on various outdoor activities, there's a special section dedicated to recipes that allow you to incorporate found ingredients into your cocktails. Whether you're hiking, camping, boating, or stargazing, you'll find easy-to-follow recipes that will complement your adventures with refreshing drink options.


Goodr Sunglasses

Goodr sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is a must-have item for any outdoor adventure in Breckenridge, and an option that doesn't blow your gift budget is Goodr Sunglasses.

This brand was created to solve a specific problem: the lack of affordable and stylish running sunglasses. And it's not all about running; since 2015, Goodr has been developing many products for several other outdoor activities, following the same ethos — sunglasses and goggles that are affordable, stylish, and high-performance.

From running, golfing, and cycling sunglasses to snow goggles and more, they offer an amazing range of sunglasses for every taste.

Their best-selling product is the "Nine Dollar Pour Over" sunglasses. They are polarized and offer excellent protection for treks, hikes, and even casual walks. Another great feature is that they don't slide or slip when people sweat. And the price? Only $25!



Top 10 Gift Ideas for Breckenridge Vacationers


Selecting gifts for a loved one can be a challenging task, especially when you want to offer something tailored to their specific needs, such as a gift perfect for their vacation in Breckenridge.

Still, with a touch of creativity (and a little help from us), you can discover unexpected treasures that will surely surprise and delight them. Choose one of the recommendations above, and we're confident that you'll find a great item for this trip and many of their future adventures elsewhere.


Where to Stay During a Trip to Breckenridge, CO?


While in town, it's a great idea to stay in style against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. At Great Western Lodging, we offer a superior selection of luxury properties, ski-in/ski-out options, and downtown lodgings, some of which are pet-friendly. We go the extra mile to ensure guests enjoy nothing less than a 5-star experience during their trip to Breckenridge.